Singing and Speaking the Child into Life: Songs, Verses, and Rhythmic Games for the First Three Years

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Along with our human hands and their loving touch, we welcome babies into the world with the sound of a human voice. Our speech and song is a creative force which helps form a child, weaving a warm nest of protection around him or her.

This book, by three experienced early years educators, is full of songs, verses and games for use with very young children. Parents will find a wealth of wonderful resources to help their babies and toddlers develop healthily during this critical period.


Susan Weber is the Director of Sophia's Hearth Family Center and was a founding board member. She is a Waldorf early childhood teacher and adult educator. Her publications include Creating Connections, co-edited by Kimberley Lewis (WECAN 2014).

Nancy Macalaster is an early childhood teacher at Sophia's Hearth Family Center. She holds a degree in child development from Connecticut College and a master's degree in counselling psychology from Antioch University New England.

Jane Swain is a physical therapist and a graduate of the Level III training in Spacial Dynamics. She is the associate director of the teacher education program at Sophia's Hearth Family Center in Keene, NH and also has a private practice.

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