Spring Songbook

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Sally Schweizer

Seasonal Verses, Poems and Songs for Children, Parents and Teachers
An Anthology for Family, School, Festivals and Fun!

This treasure trove anthology is filled with songs and seasonal verses that will delight children and encourage them to sing and play. Illustrated throughout with colour images, Spring Songbook features four thematic sections-"Animals and Birds," "Nature," "Dancing and Games," and "International Greetings and Foreign languages."

Providing ample material for teachers, parents, and caregivers, this book includes selections of rhyming words; commentary on the significance of repetition, rhythm, and beat; suggestions for incorporating movement and gesture; and practical teaching and parenting tips.

For years, teachers, parents; and students have asked Sally Schweizer to publish her collections of songs and verses, so here is the first of four seasonal anthologies to inspire the imagination and to celebrate the seasonal cycle!

This 2nd revised edition features a new section, "This and That."
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