Coloring with Block Crayons DVD

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Now you can take a workshop on learning to colour with block crayons with master Waldorf teacher Sieglinde de Francesca at home in your own time.

Coloring With Block Crayons - DVD Set is a great companion to the popular book'Coloring With Block Crayons'.

Included are more than two hours of clear instructions on how to create beautiful drawings using Stockmar beeswax block crayons in only the three primary colours. Covering a variety of techniques, these instructional videos will help you to create a variety of illustrative drawings, including: The Elements, ltandscapes, Plants, Animals, Humans, Fairy Tale and Fable Illustrations.

Have fun mastering this art, then teach it to your children!

INCLUDES : 3 DVDs (2 hours total running time) and a gallery of many colourful drawings for your reference.

Made in USA
Author: Sieglinde De Francesca
Age Range: 7+ yrs
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