Gnomes & Friends book 2

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This is Book 2 of the "Tales of Limindoor Woods" series that began with The Way of Gnome.

Here are the continuing adventures of the Gnomes of Limindoor Woods, with friends old & new

Some time ago A Donsy of Gnomes was predicted to be "... one of the books that will remain alive in your children's hearts long after they have grown and have children of their own." ~ Nancy Parsons of

Now there is a new series of gnome stories, chapter books for the 6+ year old -"The Tales of Limindoor Woods." After the first of the series, The Way of Gnome, comes this book, Gnomes & Friends... with a third book on the way.

Revisit many old friends; Gus, that very special Gnome-in-training, and the many other gnomes and animals of Limindoor Woods.

Meet several new gnomes and friends who found their way into the magic of those woods.
Read about their exciting exploits and a certain special adventure that leads to a singular mystery.
Learn also from the many new teachings about how to be an honest, brave, patient, observant, caring & generous Gentle-gnome.
Includes questions for discussion and a yummy recipe!
"Amazing as always! These are exciting stories to savor - stories to captivate the gentle soul yet engage the active child with humour and adventures - wise stories in which gnome-sized lessons abound." ~ Melisa Nielsen, owner, Waldorf Essentials

"I love these books! I just loved A Donsy of Gnomes. But what is best about these new books are the back stories of the fun and loving characters. Thank you, Ms. Sigi." ~ Sam N., 10 yrs. old

234 pages - Paper bound - comes with special bookmark
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