The First Seven Years: The Physiology of Childhood

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A few of the topics addressed:

The Importance of the First Seven Years for the Rest of Life

Pictures of the Ether Body:the plant, elemental beings, human teeth, the child's drawing

Birth of the Ether Body?emancipation, wound healing, organ formation,

Seven life processes in the human body: sorting, taking in, adapting, breaking down, maintaining, growing, bringing into being

Perceiving: The Twelve Senses and their Development

Becoming Human: Walking-Speaking-Thinking

Education of the will: imitation and habits; reverence and imagination

Individualization?childhood diseases: a transformation of heredity; naughtiness and curiosity; forgetting and remembering

Edmond Schoorel is a pediatrician in The Netherlands. He treats children in a community hospital and in his own practice, where he works with other therapists who follow an anthroposophical approach. Dr. Schoorel has a special interest in the interaction between what, in child development, comes from the environment, what comes from heredity, and what comes from the child him- or herself.

281 pages

Author: Edmond Schoorel MD
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