The Seven Life Processes - Understanding and Supporting Them in Home, Kindergarten, and School

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There are seven life processes identified in anthroposophical human physiology which affect physical organ function and life forces: breathing, producing warmth, nourishment, secretion, preservation, growth and production/reproduction. They form the foundation for healthy development, understanding one's own capacities, and age-appropriate learning.

This book considers these seven processes in relation to the developing child. It examines how play and learning are connected to the life processes and how adults can support children's physical organ functions so that they can develop in a healthy way and learn with ease.

The book is full of important educational considerations and will be of significant value to teachers, educators, parents and caregivers.


Philipp Gelitz is an early years educator at the Waldorf school in Kassel, Germany. He writes regular magazine columns on early childhood.

Almuth Strehlow is a lecturer at the Rudolf Steiner Institute in Kassel, Germany.
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