Waldorf Education: A Family Guide, 2nd edition

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edited by Pamela Johnson Fenner

From the Foreword by Robert Schiappacasse

As a Waldorf school administrator and director for more than 30 years, and a parent of three Waldorf-educated children, I know how informative and helpful this book has been to a generation of parents and families.

This second edition of Waldorf Education: A Family Guide appears fortuitously at the 100th anniversary of global Waldorf education. It offers readers an updated and expanded selection of articles that outline Waldorf’s unique educational philosophy, arts-enriched academic curriculum, teaching methods, and school culture. By presenting an overview of the education as seen through the eyes of lifelong Waldorf teachers, school leaders, and parents, this volume offers an excellent firsthand introduction for parents, and those of you new to Waldorf education.

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