Shepherd's Songbook for Waldorf Schools, Grades 1,2,3

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This book was born out of the real-life needs of the author's daughter Elisabeth Koekebakker, who teaches music at the Toronto Waldorf School. Elisabeth remembers how, back in the early days of the school (1970s), she would ask Alan Howard, the school's master teacher and mentor, to write Grade Two saints block, and how she would then take the poem to "oma". Elisabeth Lebret, and ask her to compose suitable with the words over time, these pieces of music were gathered together, along with many others which Elisabeth Lebret had known, loved, and translated. Elisabeth Lebret had taught music in Waldorf schools in the Netherlands, and had a wealth of experience and culture on fe of its own and grew into muc which to draw. Eventually the book took on n a collection of music and songs that can be taught in Waldorf schools. It became y are in Waldorf music education ngs are done the way hands-on" course in why for example why pentatonic songs for the young child, why certain intervals at cer nd suggestions on how to introduce notes and rhythm. the few books in existence that helps the teacher to develop a deeper understanding of how different forms of music resonate with the evolving consciousness of the growing child. This is the kind of knowledge which can serve to make the classroom experience more meaningful and profound for both teacher and student Since it was first published in 1975 Elisabeth Lebret Shepherd's Songbook h egral part of Waldorf school music education in the primary grades. The become an as resource material in four thousand copies now in circulation are used regularly Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil. Argentina. Australia, New Zealand, Nepal Japan, Romania, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. It's no exaggeration say that this book has been woven into the very life of the Waldorf movement and has become an integral part of what Waldorf education is today. So, in the spring of 2003 when the third printing was dwindling. and the printer couldn't find the original plat and decided that we took a hard look at the typewritten text and the hand-drawn mus as time to re-issue the book in a more up-to-date and accessible format, in part as a way of honouring the contribution which the book and its author have made to Waldor he summer of 2004, the author music education. As this new edition is going to press Elisabeth Lebret, at the age of 96. is still very much alive. alert and living an independ ent life at the Hesperus Fellowship Community.

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