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The battle between the unscrupulous intellect and the caring heart has never been so poignantly portrayed as in Collision. The president of Ptp Corporation uses every trick to secure the acquisition of Aic Corporation. He is so smart and so ruthless his subordinates hardly know how to interpret his commands and often fall short. The stockholders love him, but in the final episode, he might actually be failing while achieving the greatest success. The lovely, kindhearted Lucinda Brahms loses her job but gains what is most precious to her. Do the young couple in the story find each other in spite of the dangerous intrigues and unexpected secrets exposed? How will they escape the evil overshadowing them and survive to fight again on their own terms? The collisions in this story are on several levels. The action moves from the boardroom, to the university campus, and on to secret hideouts. Light and dark, warm and cold intersect as the key figures collide in the struggle for power.

Author: Siegfried Finser
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