You're Not The Boss of Me! Understanding the 6-7 Year Old Transformation

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The change in children between roughly six and seven years old is significant, and can be challenging for parents, teachers and educators.

This comprehensive book offers a multitude of resources and insights to help with the transformation. It is packed with research, anecdotes, study material, ideas for working in the classroom, examples of age-appropriate stories, verses, games, and much more.

Parents, teachers, and therapists - anyone who lives or works with children who are going through the change of teeth - will find inspiration, encouragement and insight in this volume.

Six sections cover:
Anthroposophical medical and pedagogical research on the change of teeth
The role of the kindergarten teacher in relation to the older children in the classroom
Issues of gender and social inclusion
Practical suggestions from experienced teachers
Age-appropriate stories, verses, songs, and games
Resources for working with parents. The joys as well as the challenges of working with children from five to seven years of age are brought to light in this rich and fascinating resource.
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