Mother Comfrey - On the Wanders & Wonders of an Exceptional Gnome

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By Sieglinde de Francesca the author of Limindoor Woods Series.

Mother Comfrey – On the wanders and wonders of an exceptional gnome

This book is more for older children of 9 years and up.

Throughout the entire Realm of Gnome, few are as greatly loved and appreciated as the kind and caring healer, Mother Comfrey.

What follows here, for your edification and enjoyment, is a chronicle of the events that shaped her remarkable life.

Read of the unique teachings of her early childhood, of the extraordinary Scout-about that took her to every corner of the realm, and of the exciting events that led her to find her purpose in life.

You will find there is much to learn from her life’s journey. For, just like anyone who has had the good fortune to live to old age, her travels are wide-ranging, and her stories are many.

Come, enter the magical Realm of Gnome where kindness abides, animals talk, and wonders can be found!

“Sieglinde de Francesca brings you a world full of wonders and magic, with much profound wisdom for meeting the challenges and changes of growing up. Children, and their grown-ups, will want to enter here again and again.” ~ Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author of Those Beautiful Eyes

"The book, Mother Comfrey, is marvelous! It has sad parts and happy parts, and I enjoyed them all. This book tells us all about gnome culture - why gnomes go on Scout-about and how they live and interact with nature. This book shows us how Mother Comfrey learned to adapt to change as she continued her life-long Scout-about. This book is great!" ~ Sariah Nielsen, 11 yrs.

This is a 176 page chapter book suggested for ages 9+ and up.  

Comes with a special Mother Comfrey bookmark!

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