Celestial Planting Calendar 2024

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Why the Celestial Planting Calendar

Harness the power of nature's rhythms with ease

The 10th edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar celebrates 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture, with clear monthly charts based on the teachings of Maria Thun. For the beginner or the expert, work with cosmic influences to make planning easy and enjoy increased yields. World-renowned biophilic artist Diane Epstein illuminates the splendor and power of nature. Each month is a work of art.

The Celestial Planting Calendar was previously published by Earth Haven Learning Centre.

Why the Celestial Planting Calendar with Heart & Soil?

  • We support you to be empowered as an intricate part of your farm/garden
  • We have a deep unwavering reverence for the power of nature
  • For 10 years, the process of creating this calendar has been refined based on current research and user needs
  • Charts include when to apply Biodynamic preps, sow seeds, transplant, and harvest
  • Calculations are thorough, based on moon, sun, and planetary movements

Timing Is Everything

  • Know what to plant when
  • Track critical solar, lunar, and stellar events for agricultural success
  • As planets travel in front of the Zodiac, they focus energetic impulses coming from these constellations. Applying this knowledge enables you to work in harmony with stars, planets, plants, and the land
  • Calculated weather forecasting


  • Growers report increased yields while following the charts of what to plant when
  • The value of this extra harvest is reported to be more than the cost of the calendar 

All Types of Growers Benefit

  • Rooted in Biodynamic principles, calculations support farms, market gardens, backyard gardens, patio gardens, and indoor plantings
  • Calculations are tailored to North America
  • Whether you pre-plan your entire season or decide each day, the charts are for you

No Astronomical or Astrological Knowledge Required

  • The calendar supports you where you're at. No astronomical or astrological knowledge? Follow the clear charts of what to plant when. Learn as much as you're interested in diving into 
  • Calculations are done for you. You simply follow the day's chart 
  • Are you advanced? Key Planetary Aspects are geared toward you, with astronomical information that has been shown to affect plant growth and nutritional quality. Based on George Schmidt's research

Tapping into Ancient Wisdom

  • Astrology has long been used for agriculture. The ancient practice of working in harmony with celestial rhythms has been refined by agricultural researchers and practitioners around the world 

Bring the Splendor of Nature into Your Home with Biophilic Art

  • We're honoured to feature the work of world-renowned biophilic artist, Diane Epstein in the 2024 calendar
  • Diane's art fuels a love of nature and a feeling of interconnectedness

Embrace Interconnectedness

Life is a seamless tapestry and all the threads are necessary.

We can observe and harness Nature's brilliance and power. Soil health is necessary for plant health. Microbes in the soil support plant immunity. Healthy plants are nutrient-dense and support your body's microbes.

The elements of fire, air, earth, and water are individually essential, and collectively powerful. Sunlight, temperature, rain, and soil must be considered in agriculture. The cosmic forces of sun, moon, stars, and planets influence the elements and the conditions for growing.

The grower not only nurtures the soil and plants but is an intricate part of the growing experience. With meticulous observation and a deeper insight into challenges and possible solutions, the grower can foster harmony and balance in the farm organism. 

The essential theme of Biodynamic agriculture is interconnectedness – between sky and earth, plant and soil, humans and their environment. Your role of observer is just as crucial as your role as active participant. Your inner nature affects your outer world. This oneness with the farm/garden extends into the community and nurtures all life. 

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