Healing Stories For Challenging Behaviour

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Susan Perrow is a “story doctor.” She writes, collects, and documents stories that offer a therapeutic journey for both the storyteller and listener—a positive, imaginative way of healing difficult situations.

Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour gathers the fruits of Susan Perrow’s work in story-making. It is richly illustrated with lively anecdotes from parents and teachers who have discovered how the power of story can help resolve a variety of common childhood behaviours and situations, including separation anxiety, bullying, sibling rivalry, nightmares, and grieving.

This comprehensive resource offers:

† An overview of therapeutic storytelling
† Checklists for readers to evaluate the challenging behaviour or situation and identify their desired resolution
† Guidelines for adapting stories for different age groups and cultures
† An extensive collection of new stories and traditional folk tales categorized by behaviour or situation
† A story-making model to help the reader create stories directly relevant to their own circumstances.

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