In the Land of Mermaids

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“In the land of mermaids, merfolk and water creatures like to swim together. They dart, shimmering, through fronds of waterweed.”

In the magical land of mermaids, the water folk and their friends play. Shimmering, lively mermaids race swift newts, sing to colourful dragonflies, doze on cool lily pads and tickle grumpy fish.

This vibrant picture book will captivate young readers with its luminous illustrations and gentle evocative words.

In the Land of Mermaids is a classic picture book from bestselling illustrator Daniela Drescher, and a delightful companion for In the Land of Fairies and In the Land of Elves.

Children will want to visit this luminous, magical world time and time again.

(Ages 3 to 6 years)

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