Making Math Meaningful: A 6th Grade Student's Workbook

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This workbook leads the student along a path of discovery. The and selection of problems contained in these workbooks are purposefully ordered.

Sixth grade is an important year for developing math skills. All the students' work on math this year will help prepare them for studying math in the future. How good they will become depends less on natural ability and more on their effort, determination, and organizational skills. Even students who feel that they aren't good at math can catch up by putting forth some extra effort. We need to ensure they don't give up! Almost anyone can become good at math if it's something they really want.

The problems are chosen to promote the development of mathematical thinking in a very conscious way. As teachers of math, our most important task is to develop the capacity for mathematical thinking in our students.

This workbook covers the same material as the Teacher's Edition, however it does not include the answer key.

Author: Jamie York

59 pages
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