Mission of the New Spirit of Revelation

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Rudolf Steiner, translated by Mathew Barton

16 lectures in various places, 5 Jan. 5 – Dec. 26, 1911 (CW 127)

“What would we be without love? We would inevitably become isolated and gradually lose all connection with our fellow human beings and our fellow creatures in the natural world.” —Rudolf Steiner

In this rich, previously untranslated collection of lectures, Rudolf Steiner approaches and illumines the figure of Christ from manifold directions and perspectives. Christ—the being of love—is the “heart” of our Earth.

These lectures were given throughout 1911, the year before Rudolf Steiner separated from the Theosophical Society, citing fundamental disagreements over the true nature of Christianity. The lectures reflect Steiner’s intensifying emphasis on the central act of the Christ being in Earth’s evolution, while also illuminating the truths of reincarnation and karma. Here he reveals profound vistas of human development and paths of advancement over many lifetimes in which Christ is to be our steadfast companion and exemplar.

The Mission of the New Spirit Revelation is a translation from German of Die Mission der neuen Geistesoffenbarung. Das Christus-Ereignis als Mittelpunktsgeschehen der Erdenevolution (GA 127).

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