Roman Lives

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This is a rich history of the Roman Empire told in a style that makes the book not only a resource for teachers but also a reader for Class 6 (age 12) and older.

Generously illustrated with paintings by masters and maps depicting the era of Roman rule, the stories of the founding, the seven kings, the imperialism, the Caesars, and the decline of Rome ring through these pages of the long-reigning Roman Empire.

Master storytelling author Dorothy Harrer, a long-time Waldorf teacher, describes the rise and fall of this remarkable chapter in the history of Western Civilization with enlivening detail.

Suitable both as a teacher resource and a class reader

Dorothy Harrer was one of the key teachers at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City in the middle of the last century. She and her husband founded Camp Glenbrook in New Hampshire, their country farm-turned camp still used today by teachers and children.

Author: Dorothy Harrer
Age Range: Gr 6+
124 pages
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